Play Therapy Training 

  • Certified & Registered Play Therapy Trainers
  • APT Approved Provider 06-179
  • CACPT Approved Provider 09-104
  • Internationally recognized
  • Established in 1998


New Offering

BLUE STREAM: Play Therapy Supervision Certification Program

Three days of Training
Oct. 30, Oct. 31, Nov. 1

The Supervision Certification program is designed to formally prepare participants to supervise child and play therapists. Participants will have the opportunity to explore various models of supervision and receive specialized training in the Play Therapy Dimensions Model.

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  • Learn from the internationally recognized authors of the Play Therapy Dimensions Model
  • Uniquely designed programs provide practical skill development
  • Access to fully equipped play therapy rooms
  • Training on a continuum: From an interest in play therapy to becoming fully registered