Tye Dye

Tye Dye is an annual retreat event with the intent of delving into important topics related to Play Therapy. The main goal of this group is to forward the practice of Play Therapy in day-to-day practice and to contribute to the play therapy literature. Those trained in any number of theoretical approaches to play therapy are welcome as the program is based on an integrative play therapy approach, and the Play Therapy Dimensions Model, to conceptualizing play therapy practice and decision-making. The Tye Dye study-group is limited to RMPTI alumni.

The Tye Dye study group follows a special format. It is not a series of workshops that people wander in and out of. It is peers presenting to peers and focuses on sharing of interventions, special issues, case examples and theory. It is a time to get together and to discuss topics and create new ideas. It is a time to stay together and to engage in games and fun.

We welcome all alumni for a global study group reunion.

Tye Dye 2024

October 17-20th 2024

More information and registration information coming soon!

Pre-Tye Dye Workshop

October 17th, 9am - 4 pm - Pre Tye Dye Event:
Enacting Therapeutic Stories in Child and Play Therapy: The Role of Drama, Puppetry and Art in Bringing Stories to Life
Presented by Dr. Wendy Froberg, Psy.D. , Psychotherapist

Online or in person in Canmore, Alberta (in-room attendance is limited)

Stories have been used by humans for thousands of years to entertain, inform, process experiences and provide a sense of connection. Our brains are wired to process information through stories. Scientific research has revealed that hearing a story/narrative with a beginning, middle and end causes our brains to release cortisol and oxytocin, chemicals that trigger the human ability to connect, empathize and make meaning. Story is literally in our DNA. We tell stories all the time, from sharing an anecdote about our day with a loved one, concocting a bedtime story for a child or writing in our journal. Our lives are collections of stories about what has happened to us and what we have done. And all therapy involves telling stories.

Full workshop information here (pdf)

Tye Dye Study Group Weekend

Topic: Therapeutic Stories in Child and Play Therapy: The Role of Drama, Puppetry and Art in Bringing Stories to Life
In person in Canmore: Tye Dye Study Group Weekend $795.00 plus GST

Workshop + Weekend:  $975.00 plus GST

Accommodation not included.