Advanced Supervision for Play Therapy Supervisors: The Reflective Practitioner

On-Line Live Delivery

This 6-hour Master Class is for Play Therapy Supervisors seeking to grow, take risks, and foster a passionate supervisory experience. This class focuses on the Supervisor “self” and identifies a series of “points of reflection”.  Play therapy Supervisors are asked to bring “a notable incident” to the course. A notable incident is any experience a Supervisor regards as noteworthy: an unexpected reaction or a surprising occurrence. Supervisors will have the opportunity to work with one another via experiential activities. Come and explore ways to challenge yourself as a Supervisor.

Earn CE for Registration and Certification

  • 6-hours live on-line
  • 1-hour Multiple Choice Quiz

What will you need?

Here are a few things you could have available. If you don’t have all of these items, choose a couple of mediums you like to work with so that you can create something during the training.

  • A computer/device with a camera – external camera is very useful so your tray can be seen by a partner
  • A sandtray and miniatures
  • Paper, markers, crayons, other artmaking materials of your choice (glue, scissors
  • Playdough or clay
  • A selection of items from nature

Learning Objectives

  • Identify at least two points of reflection as a Play Therapy Supervisor
  • Identify how to make use of a notable incident in supervision and as a supervisor
  • Demonstrate ways to make use of “risk taking” in supervision
  • Describe ways to be flexible in your supervisory approach
  • Describe “passionate” supervision in your role as a supervisor

APT Approved Provider # 06-179 - CAPT Approved Provider # 09-104

APT, CAPT, & BCPTA Continuing Education Credits will only be awarded to Mental Health Professionals. All credits must be approved by the appropriate governing body and cannot be guaranteed by RMPTI. This training meets the definition of APT’s Live-Webinar.

To apply, please go to the application page using the button below, fill out the form then make your choice by scrolling down to Master Classes and checking  "Advanced Supervision for Play Therapy Supervisors".