Advanced Supervision for Play Therapy Supervisors: The Reflective Practitioner

On-Line Live Delivery

This 6-hour Master Class is for Play Therapy Supervisors seeking to grow, take risks, and foster a passionate supervisory experience. This class focuses on the Supervisor “self” and identifies a series of “points of reflection”.  Play therapy Supervisors are asked to bring “a notable incident” to the course. A notable incident is any experience a Supervisor regards as noteworthy: an unexpected reaction or a surprising occurrence. Supervisors will have the opportunity to work with one another via experiential activities. Come and explore ways to challenge yourself as a Supervisor.

Earn CE for Registration and Certification

  • 6-hours live on-line
  • 1-hour Multiple Choice Quiz

What will you need?

Here are a few things you could have available. If you don’t have all of these items, choose a couple of mediums you like to work with so that you can create something during the training.

  • A computer/device with a camera – external camera is very useful so your tray can be seen by a partner
  • A sandtray and miniatures
  • Paper, markers, crayons, other artmaking materials of your choice (glue, scissors
  • Playdough or clay
  • A selection of items from nature

Learning Objectives

  • Identify at least two points of reflection as a Play Therapy Supervisor
  • Identify how to make use of a notable incident in supervision and as a supervisor
  • Demonstrate ways to make use of “risk taking” in supervision
  • Describe ways to be flexible in your supervisory approach
  • Describe “passionate” supervision in your role as a supervisor

APT Approved Provider # 06-179 - CAPT Approved Provider # 09-104