Webinar:  Advanced Skills for Tele-Play Therapy: Beyond Engagement

Course Description

Advanced Skills for Tele-Play Therapy: Beyond Engagement

This 6-hour on-line training program is for Play Therapy practitioners who would like to maintain an advanced approach to providing distance services to children and their families. The program is divided into two sessions each consisting of three lessons. The lessons are available on-line  and can accessed at the practitioner’s convenience through the Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute Training Website.

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Webinar: Integrative Play Therapy:  Creating a pathway for working as an integrative play therapist

Earn 3 hours Continuing Education Credits.


This webinar addresses fundamental questions practitioners have concerning an integrative approach to Play Therapy. It is designed for the beginning play therapist, as well as the seasoned play therapist and play therapy supervisor. The webinar covers both theoretical issues, such as pathways toward integrating multiple models or theories, as well as implications for decision-making, monitoring therapist use of self, and supervision from an integrative perspective. Both the play therapy supervisee and supervisor will benefit from this material, as it provides a foundation for understanding and monitoring the therapeutic process.

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Webinar: 5 TIPS for Integrating Music and Movement into Play Therapy

In this webinar, Dr. Lorri Yasenik meets with music therapist Jennifer Buchanan.  Jennifer presents five tips for integrating music and movement into the play therapy setting. As part of this video, Jennifer provides access to a number of songs/music that can be used to increase the involvement of young people experiencing a range of physical abilitites. She emphasises the wonderful language that music can bring across culture, ability, gender and age.


Webinar: Black Dolls and Plaited Hair: 5 Considerations When Working with Afro Canadian Children in Play Therapy

In this webinar, Mercy Yeboah Ampadu provides child and Play Therapists with valuable insight/knowledge into the cultural perspectives of the Afro-Canadian Community. Mercy presents five considerations with working with Afro-Canadian children in the play therapy setting. In this video, Mercy emphasizes the ways you can bring cultures together through understanding by exploring inner narratives and celebrating diversity within this growing community.



Webinar: Why Children Lie: The good, the bad and the ugly! A Webinar for Child and Play Therapists

In this 1.5 hour webinar, Dr. Lorri Yasenik explores why children lie? Learn how lying is linked to child development and identify the many underlying motivations for lying. Lorri addresses ways to address lying behavior as well as how caregivers can influence moral development in their children. During this video presentation, Lorri interviews a Vice Principal of a Middle School who describes a way of increasing children taking ownership of personal responsibility when conflict arises and a “story” needs to be told. This video can be watched with parents or used to increase an understanding of lying behavior in children. Role-play as part of normative exploration of trying on different “selves” is addressed.