Supervisors Corner

Below is a list of RMPTI approved Supervisors along with a short bio to allow you to find the supervisor right for you!

Please let us know in your application for supervision if you have a preference in Supervisor.

Cost for Supervision are as follows:

New General Supervisors:
Individual Supervision - $180/session
Paired Supervision - $200/session
Group Supervision - $150/session (Minimum of 4 people)

Advanced Supervisors
Individual Supervision - $190/session
Paired Supervision - $220/session
Group Supervision - $150/session (Minimum of 4 people

Advanced Supervisor: Ken Gardner - CPT-S (Advanced Supervisor for CAPT only)

Ken is a Registered Psychologist with a background in clinical, school and community psychology. He has been practicing as a Psychologist since 1989, as a Certified Child Play Therapist since 1999, and as a Certified Child Play Therapist Supervisor since 2008.

Ken specializes in the areas of play therapy for children with developmental, emotional and behavioral concerns. Ken also has many years of experience in conducting educational evaluations for students experiencing learning and/or developmental difficulties. His practice areas include childhood adjustment issues related to depression, anxiety, attachment, and emotion regulation.

As the former co-director of the Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute (RMPTI) Ken has extensive experience as a consultant and trainer in the field of Child and Play Therapy, both nationally and internationally. Ken is a past executive board member of the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy (CAPT), the Alberta Play Therapy Association (APTA), and the Calgary SCOPE Society. In 2011 Ken was presented the Monica Hebert Award for his contribution and dedication to Play Therapy in Canada.

General Supervisor: Lisa Evans

Lisa is a Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S), Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist, and a trainer in the Neuro-Sequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT/NME). She lives in the beautiful wilderness city of Whitehorse, in Yukon, Canada, and has been working with children and families for over 25 years, both as a Vice Principal/School Counsellor, and in private practice.

Lisa has spent much of her career helping children heal from trauma through play therapy, and more recently have added Animal Assisted Play Therapy. Lisa completed my certification as an Animal Assisted Play Therapist with the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy (IIAAPT). Lisa and her dog Luna have been therapeutic partners since 2017. Recently little Stella has joined the therapeutic team. Lisa enjoys spending her leisure time running, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking in the beautiful wilderness of the Yukon.