Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play Supervision at RMPTI

Distance and In-Person Offerings

Unique, comprehensive, process-oriented groups offer a safe, collegial environment. RMPTI Individual and supervision groups are ideally suited for therapists interested in expanding their repertoire of child and play therapy skills and further developing their own practice models. Participants will receive case consultation/supervision based on the entire spectrum of child intervention models (directive-to-nondirective). Video-conferencing offers an alternative to those working in various locations throughout Canada, USA and internationally.

RMPTI Supervision provides specialized consultation and supervision on the utilization of play therapy skills and the application of play therapy techniques and approaches. It is not meant to replace direct, day-to-day or session-by-session clinical supervision.

What you need to join:

  • A computer, webcam, speakers &headphones (to minimize any potential problems with feedback during a group Zoom meeting)
  • Groups participate through Zoom Invitation

When does supervision occur?

This is dependent on if you are attending Individual, Paired, or Group Supervision. Please reference our breakdown below for further detail.

Distance and In-person Supervision Includes:

+ Approved Play Therapy Supervisors
+ A small co-hort environment (6 maximum); closed group
+ Self-development activities
+ A unique case conceptualization format using the Play Therapy Dimensions Model
+ Access to RMPTI training website for sharing strategies and materials.

In order to enter a formal agreement for distance Supervision, individuals must meet the educational and experiential requirements listed below.

Those seeking registration or certification as a play therapist must have a graduate degree in a mental health field (or be currently enrolled in a graduate mental health program).
Applicants must have completed an intensive Introductory Play Therapy course or equivalent, either at an accredited university or through workshops that have been approved by CAPT, APT and/or BCPTA. The intensive Introductory Play Therapy course (or equivalent) should include, at a minimum, the following areas:

  • An introduction to the history of play therapy
  • Theoretical perspectives and models of play therapy
  • The structure and process of play therapy
  • Ethical issues in child & play therapy
  • Core skills and techniques utilized in play therapy, including therapeutic limit setting, tracking & reflection skills, and therapeutic inquiry skills

Those seeking ongoing certification as a Therapeutic Play Practitionerā„¢ must have a diploma or higher education in one or more of the areas of Humanities, Health, Social Science, Education or Mental Health and have relevant work experience with children and/or families. Applicants must have a Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills (or equivalent) that has been approved by RMPTI.

Content of training must include:

  • Introduction to 2 theories of Play Therapy
  • Differentiate Therapeutic Play from Play Therapy
  • Understand the Therapeutic Play competencies
  • Understand 5 play-based techniques
  • Use and organizing structure for case conceptualization
  • Understand pre-imaginative play and use appropriate assessment tools
  • Working with groups and working in school settings

How do I sign up?

Use application link below to enroll. RMPTI will review/approve your involvement in a Distant or In-person Supervision Group. Enrollment is limited: eligible participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once accepted, you will be provided with an information sheet indicating the co-hort schedule and dates. You will be expected to complete a detailed Supervision Agreement form. This is a fillable form. Once downloaded please save to your computer using your last name, fill in and save, then email as an attachment to RMPTI with the subject line ā€œsupervision agreementā€.

Customize to your needs and discover the many supervision options available to you at RMPTI.

A) Group SupervisionĀ (You and 3-6 other students) (MinimumĀ of 4 students total - Maximum of 6 students total)

B) Paired Supervision (You and one other student)
Each session will provide both students 1 hour of Group Supervision hours and 1 hour of Individual Supervision hours.

C) Individual SupervisionĀ (Individual One-on-One Supervision with Supervisor)
Individualized face-to-face, telephone, or distance supervision is available on-request. Please complete the Application Form to request individual supervision and to organize a schedule specific to your needs. Once organized, you will be required to submit the Supervision Agreement .Ā Click here to preview the Agreement.

Visit our Supervisors Corner page for more information.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds for missed sessions. A refund, less 10% administration fee, is provided for written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to commencement of the first session in the series. RMPTI reserves the right to cancel a session at any time due to unforeseen circumstances. In such an event, an attempt will be made to notify registrants via e-mail as well as by posting a cancellation notice on the RMPTI website, one week prior to the scheduled session. A make-up session shall be scheduled. In all instances, RMPTIā€™s liability is limited to a refund of registration fee only.


Due to you signing a distance contract for supervision, you and/or your site supervisor maintain full responsibility for all clinical decisions and actions. Your Play Therapy Supervisor through RMPTI reserves the right to be in contact with your primary supervisor or agency/organization supervisor if and when appropriate. RMPTI supervisors also have the sole discretion regarding signing off on any/all play therapy hours.