Pink Stream: Master Classes

Intensive Specialized Continuing Education for Advancing Play Therapy Practice

Master classes are short training opportunities focussed on increasing play therapy practice, theory, and skills. The Master Classes are intended to increase the efficacy of play therapy and promote a sense of community and collaboration between play therapy practitioners.

The classes range between 1- 3 hours in length per session and are offered as a short series of related topics or individual classes that can be chosen based on practitioner interest and need. The classes are intended for both play therapy clinicians and play therapy supervisors. These interactive classes are all on-line live and participants are sent material in advance of the class for review and reflection.

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Enter the Metaphorical Journey: Inquiry Skills for Play Therapists

This training program will:

  • Help you to “stay out of the way” of interpretation
  • Show you ways to examine scenes or product with your clients while remaining in the metaphor
  • Explore working with various metaphors represented in art, clay, sand and other materials

This 6-hour master class is for Play Therapy practitioners who use expressive arts, projective activities and sandplay with their clients and introduces play therapists to an array of questions that may be utilized when engaging with children, youth and adults during an exploration phase of an expressive-based activity. Through the inquiry skills training, therapists will be encouraged to “stay out of the way” of interpretation and instead assist the client to explore their scene or product while remaining in the metaphor.  Cost: $225 +GST

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Advanced Supervision for Play Therapy Supervisors: The Reflective Practitioner

~ 6 hours offered in one day or over two sessions 

This master class focusses on the ways to encourage different forms of reflection during play therapy supervision sessions. The course will address the phase of the supervisee development as well as the phases of supervisor development. Supervisors will have the opportunity to work with other peers and identify areas of self-reflection as a supervisor. During the course, supervisors will identify ways to address process and moments in play therapy with supervisees.
Cost: $375 + GST

Class Information (pdf)

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Play Therapy Research into Practice Series for Play Therapy Supervisors and Supervisees

~ 6 hours offered over 4 /1.5 hour sessions offered in evenings and/or Friday mornings

Play Therapy research into practice Series is a special focus on 4 different play therapy research articles and their application(s) to play therapy practice. During this master class, practitioners are invited into readings and discussion to further the relationship between research and practice.  Cost: $225 +GST

Play Therapy Topics into Practice Series for Supervisors and PT Practitioners

~ 6 hours offered over 4 /1.5 hour sessions offered in evenings and/or Friday mornings

Play Therapy Topics into Practice Series is a special focus on 4 different play therapy topics for consideration in play therapy. The topics are provided by way of a different chapters or articles for review and reflection. How does the topic “fit” or “not fit” with your practice or the practice of your supervisees? In this master class consider how the topic may forward play therapy practice?

Advanced Sandplay Course
Sandscenes Through the Looking Glass: A Sandplay Journey Using Case Studies for Play Therapists

During the “Through the Looking Glass” series, participants will study emerging imagery in the sandtray, and how to track, respond to and record metaphors and themes.

The course will review 4 cases:  1) Three and a half-year-old David, 2) Five-year-old Nicholas, 3) Eleven- year-old (almost 12) Qwill and 4) Thirty-Two -year-old Laura. The cases identify different ways of working in sand along an age and stage of development continuum as well as the presentation of different presenting issues.

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