COVID-19 Information

We are including the following information to help you in your practice. These videos and handouts are a possible resource for children and families, but please consider viewing them first to ensure that they are appropriate in terms of the amount/type of information.

Helpful Links:

Please Explain Coronavirus To Me: A Video for Kids

How to Talk About Coronavirus With Kids 

Coronavirus Hand-out for Children

Here are additional links/tips on cleaning your sandtrays and playrooms:

Proper Cleaning Procedure for Sand Trays & Sand | Part 1

Tips for a Clean Play Room

Based on what has become the “new normal,” ¬†the directors have been exploring telepractice and treatment practices for working remotely with children. Currently, there are various online teleplay training programs that offer helpful, initial engagement strategies. RMPTI is working on training material to address the play therapy process in a more in-depth manner via teleplay.

We strongly advise all students/practitioners to check with their registration/college to confirm protocol and confidentiality surrounding telehealth practices before incorporating teleplay in your practice. Please note that specific client consent is required prior to offering teleplay services.