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Tye Dye 2023 - October 20, 21, & 22, 2023

One Day Workshop - Thursday, October 19, 2023: Arts, Parts and Hearts: Blending Internal Family Systems (IFS) with Expressive Arts in Play Therapy - Presented by Carmen Richardson MSW, RSW, RCAT, REAT

Three Day Tye Dye International Play Therapy Study Group - School and Family Systems: What are we doing? Creative Ideas for Play-based Interventions and Third-Party Feedback in Play Therapy Practice

Tye Dye 2023

What a spectacular 8th Annual Tye Dye Study Group! We tipped the studies off with a presentation named Arts, Parts and Hearts: Blending Internal Family Systems (IFS) with Expressive Arts and Play Therapy presented by Expressive Arts Therapist Carmen Richardson. From there we began the weekend exploring different concepts related to family and school systems and 6 presenters put forth a variety of ideas related to systems thinking including: Working in Play Therapy with Triangles: Applications of Bowen’s Family Systems Theory, Listening to Dark Kid (a case study), The Elephant in the Waiting Room… How and when should play Therapists Respond? Internal Family Systems and Animal Assisted Play Therapy: An Exploration of Working with Animals to Help Adults and Children Integrate Parts and Connect with the Authentic Self, Learn to Play: Applications for Children with Neurodivergence and The Regulated Classroom for Play Therapists: Let’s Explore Teacher Techniques we can use to Regulate with Clients.

And it would not be Tye Dye without a song from Bruce Beaudet and this year was no exception! The songs are always related to the topic of the Study Group Weekend. Bruce wrote “Excile Crying in the Dead of Night” sung to the tune of “Blackbird” by the Beatles and “How can you Mend a Broken Part” sung to the tune of “How can you mend a Broken Heart” by the Bee Gees! Hilarious as usual, thank you Bruce!

Shari Roth came into the group virtually twice to lead us through Setting Intentions and Delving Within! We missed having Shari with us live, but the gift of on-line practices allowed Shari to join us and we could enjoy her presence and not miss her leading us towards the center of self.

We deeply missed a few of our regular participants this year including Shari Roth, Dana Diamond, Carolyn Lynch, Mercy Yeboah- Ampadu and Ann Reilly! Bruce, we missed you last day because of a family emergency! We were fortunate to hear from Ann Reilly and she read us her “Good Goodbye” story. Ann has now retired and left us with an amazing story of the history of Tye Dye! ? … brought up by memories and days gone by. The suggestion is to now make this into a story that could be passed to Tye Dye and that others who leave might read to us … maybe even add a chapter…

The food was amazing and there was more abundance than we could ever imagine. Katharine Chapman took this task off my hands this year and single handedly provided home-made food for the whole group. I can’t believe what she accomplished! There was Tye Dye popcorn, homemade sorbet, curries, tacos in a bag, salads, soups, homemade cinnamon buns and croissants and oatmeal/porridge, protein fruit shakes, homemade sausages, homemade Chai, and more and more and more … deserts and sweets …ohhh sooo good ?

To add to the fun – we went to Bridgette Bar for dinner on Saturday as a group. It was a lot of fun and we were able to stay together and learn more about each other!

Amy Morgan brought her massage chair this year and offered people back, shoulder and arm massages! Such a treat!

The participants are who made this so special. People came from north and south. They offered their wisdom and expertise in the discussions. We went away full and rejuvenated for another year! Until we meet again!