Play Therapy Training Programs

Approved Training

Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute - APT Approved Provider #06-179, CACPT Approved Provider 09-104

Many participants come to us seeking specific training and continuing education credits in play therapy. For these individuals RMPTI offers a range of brief training/certificate programs. For those interested in becoming a Certified/Registered Play Therapist RMPTI provides a range of on-line and continuous face-to-face training programs. To assist in the process of selecting a training program that is right for you, view the video below and visit the different program pages. Each coloured stream offers a unique training option.


Video on RMPTI Training Programs - Coming Soon

Unsure which route to take?

Watch the Video on RMPTI Training Programs above or…

Green Stream: Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

Red Stream: Advanced Play Therapy (Green & Red Stream equals hours for registration with APT 150 hours)

Yellow Stream: Special Interest & Advanced Practitioner (Green + Red + Yellow for certification with CACPT 180 hours)

Play Therapy Supervisor – Post Certification

To become a Certified/Registered Play Therapist with either the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy (CACPT) or The Association for Play Therapy (APT) you will need to complete the equivalent of 30 days of play therapy training by a certified trainer. Each colored stream offers a unique training option. Even if you are starting with the yellow stream (Intensive Specialized Certificates), there is a seamless pathway that can take you towards certification.

International Training Opportunities

globalRMPTI courses, including online supervision and customized training programs, are available for delivery throughout the world by certified members of the core training team. In many cases, programs are organized as part of a collaborative partnership with a host organization. These programs can be provided at your site. International students are welcome to attend any of the training programs at the RMPTI site which occur regularly throughout the year.

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