RMPTI Interview Series

Listen to the Directors of RMPTI as they discuss the play therapy process, Theraplay, Filial Therapy, and the Play Therapy Dimensions Model for Integrative Play Therapists.

RMPTI Interview series 2012 – Part 1

In Part one of this 4-part series, the co-directors of the Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute (RMPTI),Lorri Yasenik and Ken Gardner, discuss the advantages of play therapy and the play therapy process.

RMPTI 2012 Interview Series – Part 2

In the second part of this 4-part series, Ken Gardner & Lorri Yasenik, discuss Theraplay and Filial Therapy.

RMPTI Interview Series 2012 – Part 3

In this segment, Lorri Yasenik & Ken Gardner, discuss the Play Therapy Dimensions Model. The model provides an integrative perspective for decision-making, utilizing two primary dimensions – Directiveness and Consciousness. The model is found in the Second Edition of the book – The Play Therapy Dimensions Model: A Decision Making Guide for Integrative Play Therapists (Jessica Kingsley Publishers – 2012).

RMPTI Interview Series – Part 4

In this final segment, the co-directors discuss the role of parents in the play therapy process, family play therapy, and play therapy approaches with adults.

Special Topic – Part 1- The Play Therapy Dimensions Model

In this video segment the Co-directors discuss in greater detail the dimension of Consciousness.  Emphasis is placed on decision-making, therapist use of self, and the importance of tracking the play therapy process on a moment-to-moment basis. Implications for supervision are also discussed.

Special Topic – Part 2  -The Play Therapy Dimensions Model

A summary of the learning materials/resources contained in the Play Therapy Dimensions Model Book and DVD are discussed, highlighting the value of using these materials as an integrative approach to play therapy.  Specific tools such as the Child Moderating Factors Checklist are reviewed in relation to how to report on progress and play-based observation