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RMPTI Application for Play Therapy Registration/Certification (Green, Red, Yellow and Blue Streams)

Before you sign up please confirm there are still openings in the program you wish to apply for by referring to the training calendar. Please do not sign up and pay for a course before you have been admitted. 

Once approved, you will be sent a link for making the deposit payment through Paypal.  A deposit is required to secure your position in the program.

Please note our policy changes and additions:

  • An additional fee of $100.00 will be charged for marking any assignment that is handed in past the course due date.
  • No assignments will be accepted for marking if handed in later than 60 days from the assignment due date.
  • There is a $30.00 admin/processing fee for providing replacement certificates.
  • There is a $40.00 minimum charge per letter for any additional letters or correspondence required regarding course work/hours.

Please click here to read our cancellation policy.

Please fill in the following form, once submitted you will receive further instructions on the application process. Once admitted to a course you will receive an e-mail with instructions for your payment. A copy of the form will also be sent to your email. If you do not receive it, please check your spam box. If there is the possibility you typed in your email incorrectly, please contact RMPTI to confirm the application and correct the email address.

Tips for an easy connection:

When you sign up please use a personal email as opposed to a work email. It has been our experience that sometimes work emails do not always receive our return emails. Future emails coming to you will be from two sources:  and

If you have been accepted to a course and paid your deposit or full fees and have not heard further information on the date when the online portion of the training appears please contact . It is possible that your student information ended up in your spam box.

If you have difficulties logging into your program please check that you typed in your username and password correctly. Sometimes when they are copied and pasted in an extra space gets put in and the system rejects the attempt to log in.

Often work computers do not allow access to video viewing – the program is best viewed and accessed from a home computer.

If you have made a deposit and wish to complete your payment please click here for the payment page. You will need a password from our admin team. Please do not attempt to pay for a course without first being admitted to the course.

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    9-day Certificate Programs $2300.00 +GST

    Green Stream: Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

    Red Stream: Advanced Theory and Techniques In Play Therapy

    Yellow Stream: Intensive Certificate Programs Three Day Certificate Programs - $1310.00 + GST
    Certificate in Sandplay with Special Populations using Play Therapy Skills and TechniquesCertificate in Attachment-Based Play TherapyCertificate in Play-based Treatment of Trauma

    Yellow Stream One-Day Programs $295.00 + GST

    Expert Witness Testimony for Play TherapistsPlay Therapy with Children of DivorcePlay Therapy for Bullies and VictimsMerging spheres: Techniques for involving children in brief family work

    Blue Stream (Post-Certification stream): Play Therapy Supervision Certificate Program - $1310.00 + GST

    Blue Stream

    Please fill out the following:

    List University Degree(s)/Highest Academic Achievement & Dates Received

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    I have read and understand the following:

    Students may find it necessary to deal with personal issues as a result of experiential course work. While qualified on-site therapeutic resources are available should the need for support arise, RMPTI reserves the right to screen and/or re-direct candidates to other training/development opportunities should it appear that higher levels of support are required than those typically provided in a training program. In certain cases, participants may be asked to undertake therapy prior to program re-admission.

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